Partners in Mission

Our Missionaries

We support several missionaries who serve both in the United States and in other countries by praying for them and supporting them financially. We support these missionaries as a way to reach some of the millions of people who don’t know Jesus Christ. Through our prayers and gifts we help these missionaries bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to people in several areas of the world.

Our current missionary partners:

  • Kelly and April Crull in Spain
  • Gianni and Georgina Gracia in Miami, Florida
  • Ben and Tricia Groenewold-Van Dyk in Lithuania
  • Sos and Kara Maletoungou in western Africa
  • Mike and Megan Ribbens in South Africa

Local Missions

Amistad Cristiana
Covenant is the founding and calling church for Amistad Cristiana, a Spanish-speaking congregation. We support Amistad not only financially, but also through the supervision of their pastor and by partnering with their congregation for local outreach and fellowship events.

Legacy Plan
When we present our children for baptism, we promise to “love them, pray for them, and encourage and sustain them in the fellowship of believers.” We believe that this promise we make to one another is borne out in our education as well. Covenant partners financially with Sioux Center Christian School, Unity Christian High School, Western Christian High School, and other institutions to provide significant reduction in tuition costs for education.

Other Local Ministries
Covenant supports a wide variety of local mission organizations through financial offerings and other means of participation. At any given time in the year, Covenant may collect food for a Thanksgiving basket for a family in need through Mid-Sioux Opportunity, offer financial support to the Hope Food Pantry, send a team of volunteers to serve dinner at The Gospel Mission in Sioux City, or partner with CASA to address injustice in the immigration system – just to name a few.

Denominational Missions

We believe that we can accomplish more together than any one church can accomplish on its own. Therefore, we partner with our denomination to bring the Gospel around the world.

Resonate Global Mission
Resonate Global Mission continues the good work of Home Missions and World Missions, partnering with churches in the United States and Canada to plant churches, do campus ministry, train and equip pastors, and develop future leaders. Additionally we send missionaries overseas, proclaiming the Gospel, and forging lasting partnerships. 

World Renew
World Renew is the international development organization of the Christian Reformed Church. World Renew is present after a disaster doing relief work and partners with local communities to bring about lasting change.

Back to God Ministries
Back to God Ministries International is the media outreach arm of the Christian Reformed Church. Through radio programs around the world, print ministries, and cultural engagement websites, BTGMI proclaims the Gospel to millions of readers and viewers around the world.