Church Leadership

Leadership at Covenant

The head of the church is Jesus Christ. He is our ultimate authority. We believe that Christ’s authority in the church is mediated by the officebearers.

Our church recognizes four offices: Minister of the Word, Elder, Deacon, and Commissioned Pastor.

Ministers of the Word serve by preaching the Gospel, administering the sacraments (baptism and communion), and, along with the elders, shepherding the congregation in a life of discipleship. Rev. Kory Plockmeyer serves our congregation as Minister of the Word.

Elders serve by governing the church, ensuring faithful administration of the sacraments, promoting the life of discipleship of the congregation, and ensuring that matters of the church are conducted in good order.

Deacons serve by stimulating the congregation to lives of service, encouraging us to use our time, our talents, and our treasure in service of one another and in service of the Kingdom of God.

Commissioned pastors serve by meeting the needs of the church in localized capacities.

At Covenant, we celebrate the calling and giftedness of all members, male and female alike, to serve and lead the church.

Council 2020 – 2021

Melissa Bailey—President (2019-2022)
Ethan Brue—Vice-President (2020-2023)
Rebecca DeSmith (2018-2021)
Jill Friend (2020-2023)
Sally Jongsma—Clerk (2018-2021)
Joel Kok—Pastor
Jeff Ploegstra—Vicar (2018-2021)
Len Rhoda (2020-2023)
Barb Schaap (2019-2022)

Joe Eggebeen (2018-2021)
Ross Feikema—Vicar (2020-2023)
Mike Janssen—Secretary (2020-2023)
Eric Rowe (2020-2021)
Les Sybesma (2020-2023)
Kris Vander Plaats—Chair (2019-2022)
Kurt Vos—Treasurer (2020-2022)

Executive Committee
Melissa Bailey, Ethan Brue, Sally Jongsma,
Pastor Joel Kok, Kris Vander Plaats, Kurt Vos