About Covenant

Our Church

We are a group of believers with a united faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We believe that Christ is not only “a way” but “THE WAY” to become right with God. We desire to reach as many as possible within our community and the broader community with this message. We do this by using the gifts, talents, and resources given to us by God.

Our Mission

Our mission at Covenant Christian Reformed Church is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip its members to live for Jesus in every part of life.

Covenant is:

  • a place where the Bible is central and honored as the Word of God.
  • a weekly gathering for joyful Christian worship, accessible to all.
  • a people being equipped to serve Jesus Christ every day and everywhere.
  • a community that cares for one another and for all of God’s creation.

Our Beliefs

We believe the Bible is the authoritative Word of God. Through it we learn that God is the creator of all, and all that He made was good. We also learn that man was made in God’s own image and given a free-will. Man chose to disobey and his disobedience caused all of creation to be affected. Sin has affected every aspect of life and our only hope for redemption is by and through the One who made us.

God set about to redeem us and His creation by unfolding His plan to send His Son into the world to be payment for our sin. By Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection from the dead, sin and death have been conquered! Christ’s victory set into motion the restoration of all of God’s creation and as His children we are a part of that work until Christ returns when all of creation will be restored.

To learn more about what we believe go to: http://www.crcna.org/pages/beliefs.cfm

Our History

On June 7, 1973, discussion began on starting a third Christian Reformed church in Sioux Center, Iowa. The first service of the new “Third CRC” was held on August 12, 1973, in Sioux Center Christian School’s gymnasium and by September of that same year 49 families signed the “Declaration of Intention to Affiliate with the Third CRC.” By March, 1974 the name, Covenant Christian Reformed Church, was adopted by the congregation. We continued worshiping in the SCCS gym until we purchased the building we currently worship in from First CRC. We moved from the gym to our present meeting place in February, 1982. In November, 1997 our congregation held a ground-breaking ceremony for an extensive addition/remodeling project. By November of the following year we were able to worship in our newly remodeled sanctuary and by early 1999 the entire building was in use.

Our Pastors:

Dr. Franklin Steen, our first pastor, served our congregation from January, 1975 until October, 1981.

Rev. Gilbert Kamps became our second pastor in July of 1982. He led our congregation until he left to serve another congregation in December, 1987.

Rev. Harry Weidenaar became our third pastor in August, 1988. He left in March, 1992 after accepting a call as pastor of another church.

Rev. Daniel De Groot served as Covenant’s fourth pastor beginning in July 1993. Pastor Dan left Covenant in August, 1999 to serve in another capacity.

Rev. Herman Van Niejenhuis accepted Covenant’s call to be our fifth pastor and was installed in July, 2000. He retired in June of 2012.

Rev. Kory Plockmeyer began serving as Covenant’s sixth pastor on September 15, 2013 and left in October, 2017 to serve another congregation.

Rev. Joel Kok became our Seventh Pastor at Covenant in December of 2018!

Our Name

“Covenant” was chosen as our congregation’s name because this word best describes our relationship with God— a partnership—formed and sustained by Him.

A “covenant” is simply a “treaty,” or an agreement made between two people. As image bearers of God we are in “covenant” relationship with Him as well as with each other. This is significant in how we are to interact with one another and determines how we agree to live as fellow believers.

At baptism we “promise to receive [all] children in love, pray for them, help instruct them in the faith, and encourage and sustain them in the fellowship of believers“ (-from “Baptism of Children,” Psalter Hymnal, page 961). In our daily interaction with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ we are continually challenged to carry out our promise to love, encourage and pray for each other as we seek to live our life to the glory of God.

While it’s hard for us as broken people to always carry out the promises we make to each other we take great comfort in the fact that God’s promises made to us never fail. He is a covenant-keeping God!