Baby Showers

Covenant hosts a baby shower for the first-born babies of members of our congregation. This helps the family get started with baby things and allows the church family to “lay their hands” on the infant and show some love. The pastoral group of which the family are members is responsible for coordinating the shower

Church Retreat

Generally each fall the Covenant family spends a Friday evening and Saturday morning together for a time of fun, fellowship and discussion. Friday evening consists of group activities and a talent show where members, young and old, have an opportunity to show off hidden talents. Following breakfast on Saturday morning the kids are taken by age groups to various planned activities while the adults have a time of discussion centered on a pre-planned topic. The retreat often takes place at a nearby state park. Approximately every five years an overnight retreat is planned at a YMCA camp.

If you would like more information regarding the church retreat contact the church office covenant@mtcnet.net

Pastoral Groups

The Covenant congregation is divided by the Council into six groups, each overseen by an appointed Elder and Deacon. The goal of these groups is to carry out the work of pastoral care and to facilitate care and concern within the body by providing a way for members to get to know one another in a smaller group setting and enable them to minister to and encourage one another.

The Elder and Deacon of each group are to: 1) pray for members of their group; 2) call the group together a couple of times a year; 3) visit each family or single each year according to a visitation schedule; 4) call on the sick and those with problems as need arises.

If you are interested in knowing more about Pastoral Groups, or would like to be a part of one, please contact the church office covenant@mtcnet.net.

Small Groups

Small Groups at Covenant are a way for families, couples, and singles to grow together in faith and fellowship. Groups meet twice a month: often one meeting each month includes all family members (for a meal, devotions, a game night, or other activities) and the other includes adults (for study and prayer).

If you are interested in becoming part of a small group, or if you would just like to know more about small groups, contact the church office covenant@mtcnet.net


Occasionally on a Sunday, Covenant gathers for a potluck lunch immediately after the morning service. While around the tables in the fellowship hall, a second, less formal, service is held. By way of conversation topics, drama presentations, hands-on activities, reflection, and take-home items, members of all ages enter the epic story of God’s Word. This intergenerational worship event (WE) gets the whole church together for a rich learning celebration that brings unity to our congregation. (There is no 6:00 evening service on WE Sundays.)


Warm Winter Wednesdays at Covenant (www@COV) are held in February. We gather for dinner with games, readings, a Covenant Pinewood Derby, or other activities to follow.  The events conclude before 7 pm, when Choir, Cadets, and GEMS meet.