“Covenant” was chosen as our congregation’s name because this word best describes our relationship with God— a partnership—formed and sustained by Him.  

A “covenant” is simply a “treaty,” or an agreement made between two people. As image bearers of God we are in “covenant” relationship with Him as well as with each other. This is significant in how we are to interact with one another and determines how we agree to live as fellow believers.

At baptism we “promise to receive [all] children in love, pray for them, help instruct them in the faith, and encourage and sustain them in the fellowship of believers“ (-from “Baptism of Children," Psalter Hymnal, page 961).  In our daily interaction with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ we are continually challenged to carry out our promise to love, encourage and pray for each other as we seek to live our life to the glory of God.

While it’s hard for us as broken people to always carry out the promises we make to each other we take great comfort in the fact that God’s promises made to us never fail. He is a covenant-keeping God!

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